A critique of practical fiction

This was just a bunch of stream-of-consciousness tweets that got too long and bloggy. It's about how being normal is totally kewl and fiction needs to »


H. P. Lovecraft's psychology I think has to do with rejection of what is transcendental, and personal reality beyond just the ego. High disgust sensitivity-- if »

Frag 1 of (4?)

Fragment 1 "You know," Kennedy said, "back in the old days, before the bible was even written, everyone had two heads." "No way," Burke said. "You're »

Segmentation fault

Echoes rattled through the hallways of the great warehouse from some distant dripping culvert. Corrugated plastic barriers, once tough enough to serve as the walls of »

the last rational discussion

With microtime(index T) reduced to the earliest possible point we can infer, henceforth referred to as ß, the function, previously thought to be a completely »

data entity types

There are several types of data entity, artificial intelligences, and three main ways to classify them. First, data entities are classified by their origin– how they »

Scene from Trilobite

This is a script for a comic-style cutscene for my game Trilobite. I know it’s probably bad to reveal something like this when you have »

Cyberpunk Pt3 of (probably six, also includes character descriptions)

His name was Bali Aishwarya. Twenty three years old. 168cm tall, 41kg. Eyes, brown. Hair, brown. Skin tone, light to pale, likely from lack of sun. »

Cyberpunk PT 2

After about fifteen minutes trek along an old camel trail, we arrived at the old atmosphere processor. Jay was studiously doing her job the whole time, »

Cyberpunk Military Story Snippet P1

The APC shook and lurched in a cloud of dust. The target came into sight over the next dune. I gripped my transponder tightly. Parker, my »