Dreamt I was in a casino hall, or maybe kind of luxury hotel. Huge fountains, plush burgundy carpet, gold trims and fittings. The owner of the »

Dream - sand

Just now Dreamt of a home scene, except sand was in everything... all over the floor, in every drawer, in every pair of shoes. Attempted to »

Dream: Titans of the Housing Industry

Dream. Four powerful spirit entities made the people of a town dream of them every night. Compelled them to improve their home, spend more and more »


I was some kind of very fast wind-up cat creature, being chased by hundreds of mechanical mice through the streets of Atlanta. I was very low »

Dream: Total Akira shit here

Begun as an 80s dream. My character was like a super-fly 80’s guy, with neon pink shirt and sunglasses. A total rebel. He gets a »


Another infinite cliff dream. This time about water purification. At one point a waterman bug speared a tick. There were little white dogs playing in a »


Dream I was at a lakeshore while a demonstration of an antique, fictionalized wwi demo of a submarine was going on. Will sketch in details as »

Dream: Flooded City

Dreamed I was living in a flooded city. Houses and buildings all half submerged; people tried to stay in the upper levels where it was somewhat »

Dream, cyberpunk

Dream: I was involved in a crime syndicate, I was a cyberpunk errand boy, doing petty fraud and ghost hacking guards during heists etc. People from »