Wrong Reasons

Wew, Lad! Holy shit, why? I mean, XKCD guy is relatively intelligent. It seems like he would AT LEAST take the view that it doesn't matter »



Because I fucking like it OK

I will only from now on post things that I like. If I do not like it I do not post it. Furthermore, I will never »

Jake and the Fat Man

Jake and the Fatman is a television crime drama starring William Conrad as prosecutor J. L. (Jason Lochinvar) "Fatman" McCabe and Joe Penny as investigator Jake »


it in again I lost what you gave It slipped between my fingers The moment is gone Always thinking always breathing Always alone here Good bye. »


Information Theory -- Only good reference I can find right now. Gist: Lots of physics stuff, but the most important thing I take from it is »

Relative dates suck

What relevance is "A day ago," when I don't know what today is? Also, ifvyou screencap something with "2 hours ago" as the only date mark, »

Visual Inspiration (Future)

Wishes. World at Large/Military Clothing Sleek, minimalist, generally striking but neutral colors. Magnetic clasps, shirts button themselves Psychological manipulation built in to clothing Tight collars »

Flip Flappers

OK fine, I'm watching fucking Flip Flappers now. It's this new anime about budding preteen girl romance, random sci-fi shenanigans, and Mahou Shoujou. The visuals are »

Fuck your walls, dog

"Grendel, Grendel! You make the world by whispers, second by second. Are you blind to that? Whether you make it a grave or a garden of »