Jung said that everything that exists, in its entirety, embodies its opposite. I think, possibly, that may be another way of saying, that everything that exists, exists because of its opposite. We even know that fundamental particles are this too-- they emerge from the zero point field, a thing and its opposite, and as long as they move far enough away to not cancel each other out, they become all that is.

But... Well, maybe that's not all there is. Maybe there exists, in infinite abundance, a purity, a noble quintessence, crystalline, never changing. The only thing is... We can't see it. We are creatures of opposites. Meant to vascilate between extremes, to careen around all axes, to launch off to extremes. We don't notice things that cancel themselves out, don't transform, and stay static. They are as light as the ether, as clear as the air, only, even less so. We can't see them. We won't see them. Because they are meaningless.

When you think about it, there's nothing sadder. These things, unlike us, don't understand the glory of consciousness, of existence itself. They don't change, they don't wish for life. They are static. Fractal. There is no beauty in their frame, because there's no one around to see it.

Surely, from the inside, it must be hell.

Only, did I call them into being by recognizing them as our opposite? Did I just tear them, unwillingly, into this dance, this closed system that demands motion and movement and change? Or were they always a part of it, just unwilling to acknowledge the fact?

We are drawn inexorably. In unconsciousness, we wish to be awake, only, on the shock of awakening, we wish to fall back to unconsciousness. The soul calls lifeless matter, which does not want to live, to life.

Don't believe. Just live.