Item descriptions

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Rust 80P Sparrow Rifle

A standard assault rifle. A beautifully simple design that has withstood the test of time. For the average marksman, there's really no improving on it.

Though information about its method of manufacture have been lost since the end of the Industrial Era, the sheer numbers in which it was produced makes it extremely common on the battlefield.

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Rust, LLC went out of business because of the Sparrow line. In the ensuing chaos owner Rusty Carden saw which way the wind was blowing, and set his considerable manufacturing clout to the task to creating arms for the Cipher revolutionaries.

Carden's act of fealty to the cause earned him no brownie points, and as soon as his usefulness was expended he mysteriously disappeared and was never spoken of again.

Glencoe MDZ445 Rifle

A standard assault rifle in the bull-pup style, with the lower receiver located behind the trigger mechanism.

Devastatingly accurate, it requires high skill and strenght to properly use.

This rifle has somewhat of an unfair reputation among squat-dwellers due to it's usage by the Industrial forces during the interminable revolutions following the collapse of the Erstati monetary system.

Derrida Lineman's Bug

A lineman's bug built by Surpass Systems, LLC. Tuned to resonate with information systems. Boosts subversive procedurals. The broad edge is a keyboard in the familiar ANSI layout.

Derrida has no meaning-- Surpass' Marketing department chose it due to its authoritative, imperious air.

Midzuchi Lineman's Bug

A lineman's bug built by RĊrando Kabushiki Kaisha. Tuned to resonate with biological systems. Boosts assistive procedurals.

The broad edge is a keyboard in the familiar JIS layout.

Midzuchi has no meaning-- it is a name chosen by a focus group of salarymen to evoke the image of calm, deep waters.

Neptune Lineman's Bug

A lineman's bug built by Glenco. Tuned to resonate with chemical reagents. Boosts offensive procedurals.

The broad edge is a keyboard in the familiar Cyrillic layout.

Neptune has no meaning. It was chosen by CEO Solzhenitsyn to evoke the image of the untamed waters of the Red Corridor.

Ifrit Lineman's Bug

A lineman's bug built by Awadi Petrochem. Tuned to create volatile compounds from most organic matter. Boosts offensive procedurals, and adds fire element.

The broad edge is a keyboard in the familiar Arabic layout.

Ifrit was the name of a wild companion from a beloved old novel.

Dogtag of Alacrity Moon Riser Iron Weight Carrier

Dogtags of a fallen comrade over-stamped with his/her postumous name. They are believed to impart some of their strength or wisdom to close allies, a means of contacting their soul.

Among the more unique cultural practices of the Executory is the assignment of posthumous names to the departed. This is a means of honoring the dead, and offering them safe passage into the afterlife.

One's name is not just a convenient way to differentiate individuals. It's believed to have numinous significance. To the Executory, all existence is inherently worth its attendant suffering. Thus, one's name must signify the meaning of one's life. There are no accidents-- even those named by foreign cultures who give no heed to such beliefs or only referred to by a number are likewise defined by their names.

Death is itself a rebirth into a new life, so it's left to the survivors to name them anew, as a final memory and token of farewell.

This set of dogtags bears the additional inscription:

Panda bear, panda bear tell me where you are I do not want to die alone tell me where you're going, please this life is very hard

Other possible names (They'll be randomized, but I want them to have this approximate feel)

  • Alacrity Moon Riser Iron Weight Carrier
  • Steel Son Ambiguity Master Believer
  • Rain Carrier Life Exchanger Occurrence
  • Milk Giver Moon Soaker Radiant
  • Blue Creator Sorted Aluminum Force
  • Hidden Silver Damsel Exchange Marshal
  • Dispersal Sufferer Careful Marker Vision

Ilyich Cipher

A 2^98-bit cipher. Using it within Big Gray grants an audience with Director Ilyich.

The Director has great power within the Grayframe. While He can be bargained with, the cost is steep, and no final offer can be refused.

You may be better off bearing your suffering.

Egress Cipher

A 2^98-bit cipher. Using it within Big Gray grants an audience with The Egress.

A creature of considerable age, and questionable sanity, The Egress nevertheless means well when she can remember what's happening around Her. When facing insurmountable odds, you can seek Her help to find a path to safety.

Only, Her memory isn't what it used to be. You might end up in even worse straights.

Mistletoe Cipher

A 2^98-bit cipher. Using it within Big Gray grants an audience with Mother Mistletoe.

A capricious being of questionable motives-- if She even has coherent motives. You may be granted great power, but She may require a show of strength-- or subjugation.

The history of one nation regards her as a kind and gentle healer, the other, a reckless devourer of life itself.

Prince Cipher

A 2^98-bit cipher. Using it within Big Gray grants an audience with The Prince.

The Prince is known to help those who support His agenda, though it is a secret to everyone but His closest lieutenants. With those who threaten His plans, he deals mercilessly.

If you are confident in your information gathering abilities, you may wish to forge an alliance with Him.

[unknown] Cipher

A cipher is a filter for one's audiovisual systems that can only be activated in Big Gray. They are usually left in the waking world by beings of great power, seeking contact with lower forms.

You cannot know ahead of time who or what is on the other end.

Have a go, if you're feeling reckless.

[corrupted] Cipher

The manifest for this 2^98-bit cipher is too corrupted to read. The cipher itself cannot be vouched for either. Who knows what would happen, should you try to use it?