Dream - sand

Just now

Dreamt of a home scene, except sand was in everything... all over the floor, in every drawer, in every pair of shoes. Attempted to clean it out of things by scooping it in big handfuls, throwing it on the ground. (I went outside first, not throwing it on the floor inside) There was no end to it, and wherever it landed clouds of dust would billow up. The clouds brought with them an extreme sense of uneasiness and fear. Fervently trying to finish the task, get stuff clean and free of the stuff, before the looming dust, gathering overhead, overwhelmed everything.

Last night

I existed in Bloodborne as a Hunter. I wasn't scared like the setting would make you think, I treated the situation as if I was playing a video game.

I had some kind of massive cat-o-nine-tails weapon, made out of a collection (10-20) of huge chains. Might have had meat hooks on the end. This thing is huge, and it doesn't move as if I'm the thing imparting kinetic energy to it-- it's like swinging around an octopus that acts partly on its own. Except, whenever I try to use it, dogs materialize and pull on the other end of the chains, like those tug of war dog toys. In fact, they drag my character around, he partly loses his balance.

I know if I could use it it would divide enemies into pieces, but the dogs don't want me to.