Item descriptions

These descriptions are maybe twice as long as they need to be. SNIP IT! Rust 80P Sparrow Rifle A standard assault rifle. A beautifully simple design »

Gardner's Grendel

Gardner saw Beowulf as a menacing outside force, who just wanted to torture Grendel in his final moments, but I think that Grendel and Beowulf are »


H. P. Lovecraft's psychology I think has to do with rejection of what is transcendental, and personal reality beyond just the ego. High disgust sensitivity-- if »

Dream - sand

Just now Dreamt of a home scene, except sand was in everything... all over the floor, in every drawer, in every pair of shoes. Attempted to »

Nothing will remain... once the bell has tolled



Chompsky-honk Chomsky is an example of someone who uses language instrumentally-- in order to provoke certain behaviors (bashing "fascists" in this case) from other people. He »

School of Life

Another fresh hell is making a showing on YouTube. Even at twice their length, these videos are too short to give you any kind of useful »

Jordan Peterson's Epistemology

I. At the root of most modern human ills is an utter lack of self-understanding. So often, we tell ourselves one thing, and blithely do another. »


Gimmick! is an amazing game. »

Unity of All Consciousness

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. Apparently, people who go on LSD trips come back with this idea that there's "no separation" between »