Jordan Peterson's Epistemology

I. At the root of most modern human ills is an utter lack of self-understanding. So often, we tell ourselves one thing, and blithely do another. »


Gimmick! is an amazing game. »

Unity of All Consciousness

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. Apparently, people who go on LSD trips come back with this idea that there's "no separation" between »


Originally published: Scratchy Scratchy is a paintchat focused particularly on the needs of amateur digital artists who »


Augh. There you go again with that preening. Look. You aren’t a good person. I don’t mean you’re evil or bad or anything, »

Suck it

You're not ready. »

Cognitive Dissonance

I want to make the point that experiencing cognitive dissonance doesn't mean that you're necessarily wrong. All it means is that you've been presented with information »


I don't know how to describe Pigmhall. I'm sure it's not really as weird as it seems to me, but I can't discern this guy's influences »

so damn tired


Wrong Reasons

Wew, Lad! Holy shit, why? I mean, XKCD guy is relatively intelligent. It seems like he would AT LEAST take the view that it doesn't matter »