I I was going to post the following reply to an issue on GitHub, but knowing the way things are going I'd probably get banneded for »

A critique of practical fiction

This was just a bunch of stream-of-consciousness tweets that got too long and bloggy. It's about how being normal is totally kewl and fiction needs to »

On self

This is a post without structure or unified purpose-- I'm writing it to collect my thoughts on things I've learned. One of the most brilliant things »


I dream that my body is rotten, centered on my solar plexus. I am still alive, moving day to day, but my core is drying out, »


Dreamt I was in a casino hall, or maybe kind of luxury hotel. Huge fountains, plush burgundy carpet, gold trims and fittings. The owner of the »

Dislike of Archetypal Reality

I used to think the idea that some people actively disliked speaking about archetypal reality was a reflection of indifference. LSD-heads always told me that there »


Jung said that everything that exists, in its entirety, embodies its opposite. I think, possibly, that may be another way of saying, that everything that exists, »

Item descriptions

These descriptions are maybe twice as long as they need to be. SNIP IT! Rust 80P Sparrow Rifle A standard assault rifle. A beautifully simple design »

Gardner's Grendel

Gardner saw Beowulf as a menacing outside force, who just wanted to torture Grendel in his final moments, but I think that Grendel and Beowulf are »


H. P. Lovecraft's psychology I think has to do with rejection of what is transcendental, and personal reality beyond just the ego. High disgust sensitivity-- if »