Frag 2 of (4?)

Frag 2 Burke slipped in through his father's back door without a sound, and without announcing himself. He issued a quick subvocal command to the observers, »


I forgot this morning, and fragment 2 is still percolating, so here's Shadilay, by Point Emerging Probably Entering (P. E. P. E.). In B4 I get »

frag candidate

This is where I'll write my next frag, later on today. If I don't, it'll just be a monument to failed plans. It it your role, »



Frag 1 of (4?)

Fragment 1 "You know," Kennedy said, "back in the old days, before the bible was even written, everyone had two heads." "No way," Burke said. "You're »


Rocks Here are rocks Rocks »


Something about raw meat. Don't eat raw meat. Make people stay away. »

Something sad

I want to write something sad. Something simple and everyday but relatable. Still stewing. MC is child. Bad things, no matter how minor, that happen to/ »


Who is master of maculus? »

A History

It's the current year Unity is beautiful The Corps is the destiny of everyone The progress of history is inevitable Except when it isn't Islam split »